Capturing Life with Light

Photographs by John Martinson

  1. Mom

  2. Mom

  3. John in Dallas

    with Tilly hat!

  4. Rain Drops

    on a spring day

  5. Blip Coffee Roasters

    West Bottoms

  6. Fueling

    Topping off for the flight

  7. Cherokee Warrior II


  8. Cherokee Warrior II


  9. Instrument Panel

    Making sure everything works

  10. I-670 Viaduct

    along the Kansas River and railyard

  11. Doc's Caboose

    with I-670 along the Kansas River and rail yards

  12. Kemper

  13. Kemper

    another view

  14. The Pilot


  15. Randy's House

    Sort of... Nall Ave in the background.

  16. The Big Biscuit

    along 95th Street

  17. Who Dreamed This Up?

    I-435 and Roe

  18. Railyard

    and West Bottoms

  19. North Kansas City

    High School lower right

  20. Kansas City Skyline

    featuring Heart of America Bridge

  21. On Final

    Broadway Bridge top right